A Scientific Experiment that could Change the World: Join it

Lynne McTaggert and a team of international scientists have been working for the past two years to conduct a series of rigorous experiments to determine if thoughts can affect the physical world.

Many books demonstrate how we can use positive thinking to benefit our personal lives, but what if we use our thoughts collectively and for a common cause? This is the question that Lynne poses in the Intention Experiment, both a book and an ongoing experiment open to participation. 

Sunday, 11 September and for the next 8 days the experiment will begin to collectively send healing thoughts from around the world.

Here's your chance to join by registering for free here:

Peace to you all.

9/11 Ten Years Later: Make the Shift

9/11 is a day the world remembers. Here is the chance to be part of an unprecedented global prayer for peace. Join ONE: The EVENT. MAKE THE SHIFT from Fear to Love, focused on transforming the fear and separation into unity, peace, and global healing. Can you think of a more powerful opportunity to instantly shift our world than this anniversary?

Saturday, 9/11, 10 AM Pacific Time
Tune in live on the web and for free at http://www.onetheevent.org/welcome.html

Healing and Reconnect at Tribodar

Today this inspired me so I pass it on to all of you.

Here’s your chance to heal and reconnect.

Do you want to learn how to cook your food with solar power? Try gardening? Building something ecological? Juggle, make recycled art or play the didgeridoo?

Tribodar is an ecological community where you can try all these things, and learn in a short-term, hands-on, flexible and creative way. It is open to volunteers to stay in the community, share and learn.

Check it out http://www.tribodar.com/

discover the delight of dana

Dana is the quality of giving from the heart, and brings joy through the act of giving.

Buddhist monk Ajahn Suwat was teaching a ten day meditation retreat, which he had taught many times in Thailand but was teaching for the first time to Westerners.

Ajahn Suwat: Why do they seem so unhappy? They’re meditating. They’re here. But they seem so grim and not at all like they’re enjoying themselves.”

Ajahn Geoff: “They know how to meditate, but not how to practice dana.”*

Dana is a fundamental part of Thai culture, but absent in the West. Children are taught dana from an early age when their parents encourage them to place a spoonful of rice in a monk’s bowl as the monks pass by for their daily alms, and reward them with approval afterwards. It is a lesson they will continue to use for the rest of their lives as they openly share and recieve the shared food of others. Through the simple act of sharing they are able both to help others feel good and to feel good themselves.

Dana will make you happier. Try it.

Action: Consider what you have to give. Start with something simple. Give a pen to your colleague. Give a shirt you haven’t worn in a while to a friend who would look good in it. Give an extra cooking pot to your neighbour. Give something you don’t need to someone who deserves it.

Do you have nothing? You still have something to give. Give a flower to your colleague. Give a hug to your sister. Give a compliment to your baker.

Quote of the day:
Share what you love, and you will have more of it.

Did you give something recently? I’d like to hear your stories.

*from Ajahn Pasanno, A Dhamma Compass. 2007: Q Print Management Co. Ltd, sponsored for free distribution by followers of Ajahn Pasanno in Thailand.