Transform Yourself through the Power of Thought.

Sawadee Ka from Nong Kai, where I am here on this magnificent day to celebrate the end of Buddhist Lent, the full moon, and a dragon boat fireball festival. Tonight I joined thousands of people in releasing a floating raft called a krathong, decorated with flowers and incense, into the river. Fireworks and floating lanterns filled the sky and giant lighted barges drifted down the river. These krathongs and latnterns carried the wishes of the barers with them as they were released.

I would l like to share with you a few words on the power of thought.
You are currently floating in an ocean of though, absorbing and repelling the currents around you.
When thoughts leave the mind they enter the Mental Atmosphere or Manas in Sanskrit in the form of vibrations, from which they travel in all directions.
Did you know that you can affect another being with your thoughts from the other side of the world? Try an Anastasia meditation (from Anastasia and the Ringing Russian Cedars), by sending out loving thoughts in the form of a beam of light to a person you care about who is far away.
For this reason sages, even when remain inside a cave or a monstary, positively effect the Earth as the source of powerful thoughts that spread outward.
Have you ever felt suddenly agitated, sad, or angry for no apparent reason? It could be that you just picked up a thought from the Mental Atmosphere. Have you ever smiled while walking by a group of children playing? Thoughts are more contagious than the flu. In fact, thoughts directly affect the health of your body. Angry thoughts from a sudden hot temper damage the brain cells, poison the blood, block the flow of digestive juices, lower energy and produce depression.
Conversely, joyful thoughts boost your energy levels, immune system and stimulate growth in your cells. Cheerful thoughts have the power to heal, and can be transmitted to everyone you pass.
Continue to think joyful thoughts, and these thoughts will attract more, similar thoughts to you, magnify the feeling of joy and lead you to joyful experiences. When the mind dwells continually on one train of thought, it creates a groove the way a sculptor marks a line through clay with a chisel. The thoughts you dwell on most run through this groove until they come automatically. These habits last beyond death and become thought tendencies in the next life.
Since thoughts can determine so much, it is vital to choose them carefully. Choosing a thought leads to an action which leads to an experience so you are essentially choosing your experience.
A secret: You can choose any experience you want.
Cast your eyes across your surroundings. Everything you see began as a thought. As you are the sculptor of your own life, by choosing your thoughts you can choose to shape your character any way you want. You can acquire any qualities by focusing on them with your mind.
All that we are is made up by our thoughts and thoughts manifest in the lines on our faces and in good or poor health.

Here is an activity: make a wish for good things to come to you and those around you, and send it out to the water with a krathong or another floating object or in the air with a floating lantern or balloon.


Find a quiet place to sit or lie with your spine straight. Relax your muscles, close your eyes, and still your mind. Envision cheerful yellow energy entering your head through your crown chakra at the top of your skull, passing through each of your chakras and causing them to spin, filling your whole body with radiant yellow light. Imagine the well-being spreading to all the cells of your body, fixing and healing everything as it spreads. Imagine this light leaving your body and spreading to everyone nearby, to everyone you know, and finally throughout the world. Hold your focus on the yellow light for a few moments. Radiate it. Bask in it. Take as long as you choose, and eventually return to you usual awareness.


Think bright yellow cheerful thoughts. Smile. Spread your smile to everyone around you. Boost your immune system, raise your energy levels and brighten your aura. Become the joy, peace and cheerfulness that you feel. Imagine yourself in your optimum state. Reach that state.

bless 🙂

source: Swami Sivananda, The Power of Thought. 2004: Divine Life Society